Monday, June 9, 2008

More From the Lone Star State!

Hunter started working at Red Lobster for the summer and he had his 1st day on Monday after graduation (I think). He's going to be a server and he's almost finished with training. Now he can make some real money!
He here is getting ready for work. Doesn't he look handsome?

The day before we left Houston we took a ride to Galveston, Texas to check out the beach (it was nasty) and to ride on the ferry. It wasn't the most thrilling experience of my life but I enjoyed spending time with the family before we left.

Here we all are riding across. Like the windblown/hot look??

Hunter and Uncle A posing upstairs

Hunter trying to make a mean face!

Mommy and Emma

Here's Uncle Chan Chan and Emma checking out Chandler's jeep!

Chandler loves his Emma! Emma has some great uncles!

And again...

Around the corner she comes! Look at those curls!

She always makes herself at home! Now if only she could learn to cook...or actually fold the towels...Once again, look at those awesome curls!

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