Monday, May 14, 2007

We Modeled Today!

Before leaving the NICU last week the lactation consultant had asked if Emma and I would model for the Medela company today. At first I was hesitant because it involved me breastfeeding her in front of lots of people and being photographed. Well after thinking about it and all of the perks (free $40 bra, free $350 breastpump) I decided we would do it! So today we loaded up and went back to the NICU for our big photoshoot. When we got there they had a makeup artist do my face and she kind of styled my hair. The makeup part was really fun! Then I changed into this horrible light yellow shirt. They also asked George to be in some of the shots so he got to shave, put makeup on and wear a green shirt.
After all of this we went into the NICU and in front of about 10 people they filmed and photographed me breastfeeding my precious little girl. Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous at all and Emma did a great job! There was one camera guy they moved all around us getting the perfect shot and he was super nice. They wanted certain shots of Emma using the breast shield and I think they got exactly what they wanted. We got to see all of the pictures on the laptop afterwards and they are mailing us copies of all the pictures to keep. It was all very cool!
I guess I should mention that Medela is one of the largest breastpump suppliers in the world. I'm sure that any mother has heard their name at some point. We were very pleased with how well they treated us today and made us all feel very comfortable. Our pictures/film will be used for Medela's marketing.

Here are a few pictures of us...not sure if you can tell but I still have on my makeup they did today.

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crystal said...

You guys look so pretty!!! I am so glad you are doing well. I really miss you guys I can't wait to see you all!