Thursday, May 3, 2007

Exciting News!!!

Well I just got the call from the social worker at the hospital and they want us to room in with Emma on Saturday the 5th!!! This means that we will stay the night at the hospital and we will do all of Emma's cares during the night. The oxygen company will set up her monitors that she has to come home on and they will teach us how to use them. We have to be there around 3 pm and then we can leave on Sunday whenever we feel ready. They don't provide us dinner but we will be served breakfast and we will be sleeping on two twin size beds with Emma in a crib!

This morning they moved her into an open crib so that was a big deal and then we also got her hospital pictures made. They didn't turn out that great b/c with the flash she looks so pale. So I'm going to ask if they can redo them tomorrow and if not, we will make our own announcements for everyone.

I've got an appointment tomorrow to install her car seat base and tonight I will take her car seat and leave it at the hospital. They do a car seat test before any baby leaves to make sure they don't have any apnea spells. Apparently with preemies their airway is easy to get blocked because they don't have good neck support so lets pray she handles that fine. She will sit in her car seat for 30 minutes b/c that is approximately how long it takes us to get home.

We also took infant CPR Tuesday night b/c it is required when going home on oxygen. It was a free class and I'm so glad we took it. I feel better prepared now!

Well I guess that's about it for now...oh she was 3 lbs 13 oz last night so she's doing a great job at growing! Go Emma!


Cathy Jo said...

I'm so happy Emma is coming home!!! That is so great and I know you guys will do just great with her. I bet you can't wait to get to have her there all the time and not have to go to the hospital anymore. I'm so excited for you!! I can't wait to come see her sometime this summer. Congrats!!

Cathy Jo said...

Also just had to say that Emma looks so cute in that pic with the white outfit on..I love that one!!

crystal said...

YEA!!!! I'm so happy for you too! Give her XOXO from Lexy and I.