Friday, May 11, 2007

I Survived!

Well I survived my 1st day home alone with Emma! It was a very boring day. I need entertainment! We did manage okay besides Emma pulling her oxygen plugs out this morning and turning white as a ghost! That was the start of my day. She came out of it when I gave her back the oxygen so that's a good thing. It really scared me though!

Due to Emma ALWAYS pulling her plugs out she really needs constant supervision. I have a hard time running to the bedroom or even the bathroom when I'm alone with her! I never even brushed my teeth today until George came home...gross I know. So anyways, when he came home I decided to do the dishes and take the trash out. Below are pictures of what I came back to! Isn't that sweet?

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Kylie said...

Hey Girl! I know exactly how you feel about leaving her alone for a minute. I have had plenty of days where the teeth do not get brushed until late in the day!!!!I cannot believe how much she has grown! She is so cute! I am glad everything has been going good since she has been home. Call me sometime this week when you get some spare time.