Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Finally Home!

Emma loving the car seat!

Proud parents!

Look how tiny she is!

Thumbs up...we are ready to roll!

Not a happy camper!

Some of our NICU nurses saying goodbye.

After I shed a few tears I was ready to go!

She's was sound asleep on her 1st car trip!

Leaving the hospital was bittersweet...after twelve weeks we were ready to have her home but it was a very emotional time. I already miss my nurses and my daily trips to the hospital but it's great having her home!

I am so glad they made us room in Saturday night! It gave us a chance to see & hear what babies do all night. We were a nervous wreck! All night she kept making noises and doing weird things with her mouth and we didn't know what to think. The nurse told us that is normal for babies so now we just ignore it. We really didn't get much sleep that night but it has gotten better since coming home. After the nurse and doctor finished the discharge paperwork we were ready to go. We packed everything up and got her situated in her carseat...that was a challenge! I couldn't believe how small she was in it and we had to roll a couple of blankets up and fit them around her. As you can see in the pictures she wasn't too thrilled about the carseat! I did cry a little when we were walking out b/c lots of our nurses were standing in the hall and a few of the nurses got teary eyed too. Other than that the day was okay...she slept the whole way home and then George had to go back downtown to pick up her presriptions and to pick up Braxton from the vet. It was very scary being left alone with her mainly b/c of the oxygen. I've had a hard time getting used to the cords and stuff & I can't wait until we can get rid of the machine! George is much better with it than I am!

Now that we are home things are going smoother everyday. Last night I slept from 9pm-1:30am and then George slept from 2pm-9pm. We both got some good sleep in!

We also went to the pediatrician yesterday and she has gained weight...4 lbs 1 oz! So we finally hit the 4 pound mark! They took her blood to see if she needed another transfusion but she was fine and that's about all that happened. Oh, they did suction out the biggest booger in the world! The nurse even showed it to the doctor! They all loved her & thought she was the cutest thing! We go back next Tuesday for a follow up and we also go back to the eye doctor.

Right now we are enjoying George at home and I dread him going back to work next week. It really helps to have two people especially with all of her cords! Maybe my favorite in-laws will come visit us!

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Margaret said...

Well, now that the tears have dried I can write a note to you. I am so proud of you, George and Emma Grace. Your love for each other is a joy to see and your determination to succeed is awesome. Love you - Margaret