Monday, December 21, 2009

What We've Been Up To!

I've really been slacking on updating the blog since Hudson came home. My days just go by so fast and when I'm not feeding, pumping, washing, cleaning, playing with Emma, or dozing on the couch, I'm daydreaming of sleep! :) Not really but things are much busier especially with Christmas around the corner. Emma is so stinking excited about Santa this year and I'm afraid she won't to sleep on Christmas Eve b/c of it! It will definitely be a wonderful Christmas this year with her around. :)

So yesterday my 2 youngest brothers Hunter & Chandler came into town and spent the night. They are the ones that live in Houston. I only get to see them once or twice a year now so it is very exciting when they come up. We didn't do anything but sit around the house but they are always so fun to be around. Emma really took to Hunter b/c he played with her so much and this morning when she woke up they were gone & she was so sad! She said "oh no, Hunter & Chan Chan are gone!" Then she asked me later if we were going to their house and I had to tell her no. Luckily they are coming back this evening to stay the night again so she will pumped when they show up!

Today Hudson is officially 4 weeks old! I can't believe it! So to celebrate here are several pictures...

Mr. H getting a bath last night. He isn't too keen on bathtime. Betsy was very nice to snap a couple of pics of him. We haven't had a chance to take any pics of him during bath time yet so I was happy!

I think this was taken on Saturday. Emma let H sleep with Pooh & her Zoe in the swing. Oh and her favorite blanket. She must have been in the Christmas spirit that day b/c her blanket & Zoe are her fav things! She doesn't normally share those.

I think he was tired of her babies...

Uncle Chan Chan holding H while I gave Emma a bath. Both boys did a great job holding him. I'm sure a lot of grown men won't hold a small baby but they did in a heartbeat!

Betsy holding H. He was wide awake last night. Can't you tell he is chunking up? His little face is getting so full & round. Little man loves to eat!

Uncle Hunter with Emma Bemma!

And holding Hudson...

Yesterday we also went to Ella Grace's 3rd birthday party! Miss Ella was Emma's 1st little friend in the NICU and we have kept in touch over the past 3 years. I can't believe that our little girls are growing up! We are very fortunate to have their family as friends and I look forward to watching our little miracles grow into big girls in the years to come. :)

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