Sunday, December 6, 2009

Uncle Arnold!

Uncle Arnold decided to come down and visit baby Hudson today. We were so happy to see him b/c it feels like forever since we've seen him. He is always working when we go up to TN. Emma really enjoyed his visit and I think baby Hudson liked him too. :)

For the first time since going to the hospital I got out and drove to Babies R Us with Emma and to Starbucks. We had a good time getting out of the house. I snapped this picture right before we left. This seems to be her signature smile these days!

Uncle A holding Hudson for the very first time! Please excuse his nonmatching clothes!

I thought this was sooo sweet!

Uncle A with both of my sweet little babies!

Thanks for driving all the way down here Uncle Arnold and we hope you will come back soon! Next time stay just a little bit longer!

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