Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Well just a little bit longer and it will be Christmas! Emma is having a hard time containing her excitement! Tomorrow morning is going to be lots of fun! :)

Remember the Advent puzzle I mentioned in a previous post from Aunt Margaret & Uncle Dennis? Well Emma has had SO MUCH fun opening the boxes every morning. She would ask several times a day if it was time to open another one. Well today was the last one and I had to snap some pics of her opening it. In the 24th box was a $100 dollar bill & some chocolate. She loved the boxes with chocolate! Mommy liked the boxes with money. :) Don't worry the money went straight to her piggy bank.

Showing me her money! She's holding on to the chocolate bell for dear life. Just like her momma!

Had to add in a messy hair close-up!

Gabby bought the kiddos these super cute matching Santa outfits before Hudson was born. Since he is so chunky these days his actually fits him! I swear in 6 months he will weigh more than Emma. :) Anywho, we were trying to get a perfect picture to frame for a few Christmas gifts and while I'm not ready to share the winner yet, here are some cute and funny outtakes. Yes, I was freaking out the entire time Emma was holding H because I was so scared he would slide off her and straight to the floor. George kept laughing at me. Enjoy!

He was getting rather hungry so it looks like he was trying to eat Emma's face! I told you he likes to eat. Are those outfits not the cutest?

Emma looks ferocious and H looks like a ragdoll.

And Miss Emma by herself. The lighting was off in this one but it was funny. I can't wait to show the picture we chose. Coming soon!

Here are some outtakes from Hudson's 1 month photo shoot...we got some funny ones!

This pose had me laughing for hours!

My poor baby!

Merry Christmas to everyone! We are for the first time staying here in AL and all of our family is coming to us over the next couple of weeks. It's just too hard to travel 3 hours with a newborn right now. We are so looking forward to the company! :)

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