Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hudson is 1 month old today!

I can't believe my little handsome man is already 1 month old! He is just such a sweet little blessing and I'm enjoying every minute with him. Here are a few facts about him...
  • He usually eats 3.5-4 oz every 3 hours
  • He's wearing 0-3 month clothes most of the time now b/c his NB clothes are getting too small
  • Size 1 diapers
  • As of right now all breastmilk through pumping & occasionally breastfeeding
  • Sleeps most of the day still but the past few days he has been more awake
  • Only cries when he's hungry or when we change his diaper for the most part
  • Two nights ago he only woke up at 2am to eat! He was fed at 1opm, 2am, and then 6am
  • Not a big fan of bath time yet...
  • He constantly has boogers in his nose! I forgot that he also cries when we clean his nose out...or when Emma hits him in the head. :)
  • His neck/head is super strong! From the time he was in the NICU he has always been able to lift his head up for several seconds and look around.
  • Overall he's such a happy content little baby!
  • Oh and lastly, he is a great eater! He's getting chunky!

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PrEcIoUs!! merry christmas!!