Friday, December 18, 2009

Hudson's 1st Outing!

On Wednesday night our wonderful friends Paul & Carmen had everyone over for spaghetti. This was Hudson's first time to meet most of our friends and it was fun to see everyone. I just realized today that I haven't been out of the house since last Saturday besides going to their house for dinner. Mommy needs to get out more before I go crazy! Lucky me gets to tackle the crazy Madison traffic tomorrow though to finish up Christmas shopping...oh and Toys R Us! I really despise that place but for some reason I'm going. I don't even know what I'm going for! :) Anyways, on to some pics...

Hudson had just had a bath and got all dressed up before dinner. His hair was sticking up everywhere b/c I didn't brush it after the bath. He's so cute!

Close up!

Then today my friend Ashli came over to bring the kiddos their Christmas presents. Emma was so excited! Christmas is going to be so fun this year for her. Luckily she has tons of stuff to open...if I manage to wrap it all. :)

Princess shoes! Emma LOVES dress up shoes so much and her other ones actually broke a few months ago so this was the perfect gift! THANKS Ashli & BJ!

We've got a busy weekend coming up with Christmas shopping, wrapping, Ella's 3rd birthday party on Sunday and my 2 youngest brothers coming up from Texas on Sunday. I'm so excited!!! Oh and hopefully I can manage to take a nap at some point. Sleep is hard to come by these days and I doubt we'll have time for a nap but I can always dream right? He's so worth it though!

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