Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

What a big day! I can't believe it's already 3:30pm and it feels like we all just woke up a few minutes ago. We didn't get alot of sleep last night b/c Hudson was having a hard time so I after we opened gifts this morning I went back to sleep for about 4 hours and now George is napping. I guess that's a perk to staying home for Christmas. :)

Emma woke up around 7am this morning and it was so cute watching her get so excited and she kept saying "it's almost time for Santa to come!" and I kept saying "he came last night Emma." She just didn't get it! First, she saw her doll house that Santa brought her and then after playing with it for a few minutes we opened our stockings. Hudson slept through the entire thing and finally woke up after all of the presents! Emma helped him with his gifts. Now we are just watching Emma's new Barney DVDs on repeat, yes I said repeat and I'm ready to turn it off. She's probably watched it 10 times already! Now for some pictures. Merry Christmas everyone!

Cheesing it up with Santa's cookies last night...

And Santa's milk...

Santa brought her a doll house! It is much taller than her. Super cute though!

A very happy little girl!

Stocking time! She was so excited about the M&Ms. I think we should have just filled it with those...well and her new toothbrush. :)

Our Christmas gifts! Besides my Jason Aldean tickets. Notice my Shark Steam Mop? I'm so excited to mop tonight! I told George I would try it out tonight and then mop again either tomorrow or Sunday. I'm a happy Mommy!

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