Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We Officially Have A Walker!

I'm so excited! Emma has been taking several steps for the past several days but she still crawls everywhere. Well tonight that has all changed. We went to dinner with the group at Bridgestreet and Emma was all over the place! We couldn't take our eyes off of her b/c she just wanders off! I'm so incredibly proud of her and am always just amazed at how far she has come. I promise to have some new video of her in action soon!

Also, according to my scales Emma has finally reached the 20 lb mark!! I had planned on leaving her rear facing in the carseat for as long as possible b/c they say it is safer, but things changed. Emma absolutely hates being in the carseat and will scream bloody murder in the car. It is so hard to drive and listen to her. So, for both of our sanity I turned that baby around this afternoon! She loves being able to see me and she kept squealing on the way to dinner. I've got pics of this too but am too tired to upload tonight. So check back on Thursday!

Good night!

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