Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our First Family Vacation (Part 1)

Our first family vacation was so much fun and I really enjoyed us all being together for an entire week! Emma did ok on the ride down but was a perfect angel on the way home! As usual, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect child. She loved being able to wake up and go to Grammy and Ru-Rus's room for coffee/breakfast and playtime with her cousins. It was a very relaxing week and I'm glad to be back home to our routine. I think I gained 10 lbs!
Here are some pics from the day of arrival in Destin at our Edgewater condo. George's parents and his sister and her family joined us on the trip and we each had our own condos for everyone's sanity! We were on the 7th floor and had a wonderful view of the ocean. If I'm going to pay for an ocean trip, I MUST stay right on the ocean. :) Our room was absolutely beautiful and I've got pics of it to share later.

This was right after we arrived and unloaded the car. George and Emma standing on our balcony.

We immediately took off to the beach!

Very excited little girl!

Her first experience with sand and ocean water...she loved it!

Sand? How does this taste mom?

Cold water!

I think I'll stick to eating the sand!

One of 4 bathing suits. She's not spoiled!

The view from our balcony to the left side away from the beach...beautiful!

More to come later! I've got a gazillion pics to go through.

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I love the bikini!!