Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vacation (Part IV)

So on May 14th we celebrated Emma's 1 year birthday according to my due date! I made some yummy chocolate cupcakes and let Emma eat one for a little celebration. I have decided that every year from now on we will have 2 birthdays for Emma-one on her actual bday and the due date bday. It's just such a special memory for me and makes me realize how far she's come in the past 15 months. She is my little miracle of life and I love celebrating everyday with her. Enjoy some messy but cute cupcake pictures!!

My 15 month old princess (adjusted age 12 months)

Mom, what in the world is this??

My mom is pretty cool! :)

This is how you eat a cupcake! (yes, she's definitely my girl!)

Uh, what do I do now?

Smile! I'm good at that!

This is too fun!

More cupcake please!

Sugar rush!

Daddy time!

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Kelly said...

OMG, how fun are these pics!!! that cupcake just looks delish!
and emma is just so pretty! i can't get over how far she has come!!!