Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Pictures of Hudson

Hudson is growing so fast! I put him on the scale with me a few days ago and he weighed 15 lbs! We go back to Dr. Dudley on the 25th I think so that'll be exciting! He is more awake these days but still sleeping through the night. Love that! He's such a momma's boy and super sweet. :) Enjoy some new pics from last week! Oh and pics of Emma are coming soon!

Wearing his alphabet shirt

He has big baby blues just like his sister!

Daddy loving on Hudson after work! Our favorite time of day!

Last night G and I went to the Wizard of Oz at the VBC. Our friend Mark plays trumpet in the show so he hooked us up with free tickets! It was awesome! The show was super funny. I yawned almost the entire time and struggled to stay awake but I was just so tired. It was a long day yesterday. After the show we got to visit with Mark for a few minutes and tonight George is going to hang out with him after the show. Our amazing friends Ashli & BJ watched the monkeys for us and put them both to bed. They are so brave! I was so worried about leaving them both at bedtime but they did wonderful. Thanks Ashli & BJ for being so wonderful to us!!! It is so nice to get out of the house & have adult time.

That's about it for now. Hopefully going to enjoy this nice weather for a few days and my cousin Kelsey is planning on coming down next week on her spring break. Super excited for that!

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