Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Babies!

I'm slacking on the blog pictures! My family keeps me reminding me that they look all the time for new pictures but there aren't any. Somehow my little monkeys keep me occupied all day long. :) Enjoy these pictures for now and tomorrow I've got several more!

Emma being a princess last week. She loves to put on dresses and twirl around!

Hudson spending a few minutes in the jumparoo!

Today Northrop Grumman had their annual easter egg hunt. Emma had a blast and got tons of candy!

Poor thing kept pulling her pants up b/c they are too big! She kept walking around grabbing onto the back. :)

Showing off her eggs!

Such a cutie!

Check out those eyes!

I've got some super cute pictures of Hudson but will share those tomorrow. Also, we bought our 1st mini van today!!! We got a 2010 Honda Odyssey and I LOVE it! Pics of it to come!

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