Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gummy Smile!

Have I mentioned lately that Hudson is the most adorable little man I've ever seen? :) He just could not get any more perfect in my opinion. Such a dollface and I'm loving every single minute of this little dude.

Yesterday Daddy was playing with him and Hudson just adores his daddy! I'm loving these pictures!

And a couple more of Emma playing outside...

We've got 2 sweet sweet kids!

And the newest addition to our family-the 2010 Honda Odyssey!!!!! Now that we have 2 kids we really needed a mini van for all of our trips to TN, vacations, and just lugging stuff around town. We finally decided on the Odyssey and I got my favorite car color-dark gray! So far I am loving it but I've only driven it home. It has lots of buttons and stuff that I need to play with and I can't wait to haul stuff in it. She's a beauty!

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