Monday, March 8, 2010


I'm absolutely loving this amazing weather! I really hope it doesn't get cold again. I might just cry. :) My cousin Kelsey came down today and is spending a couple days of her spring break with us. She informed me earlier that the only reason she came down was so she could eat some sushi. They don't have any good sushi places back in Cookeville so she drove 3 hours just to get some. What a stinker! We were going to go to Surin's in Madison but I've talked her in to going to the hibachi grill on County Line Rd. I'm so excited! Love the hibachi!

Today we spent some time outside but then we told Emma it was too hot so we had to come inside. How funny is that?! Hudson did not like the brightness outside. I don't know what we are gonna do this spring/summer when Emma wants to go out and Hudson wants to be in. We'll cross that bridge later. Now enjoy some pics from today!

Hudson chillaxin in the stroller...

Emma & Kelsey had fun making art on our driveway...

It was Kelsey's bright idea to trace Emma's body! Emma didn't mind!

Bubble time! She loves her some bubbles!

So cute!

I love her sweet little laughs and that big smile!

Thanks for looking! I'm hoping it doesn't rain tomorrow so we can roam around Bridgestreet. If it is nice outside they will have the carousel open and emma can ride the teacups. Oh and I'm loving the yogurt place! So yummy!

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