Monday, December 22, 2008

We've Been To Nashville!

Yesterday Emma and I took off to Nashville to spend time with 2 of our favorite girls! Emma played super hard and had a blast climbing of both sets of stairs. Lucky for me the girls chased her up and down the stairs the majority of the time so mommy didn't have to exert too much energy. :) As usual, Aunt Marsha had wonderful food and I gained 5 lbs from her yummy desserts. Thanks for having us and playing so much with Emma. She had a great time!

My 3 girls! Aren't they so pretty?

I think Melica taught Monya to make this hat and Emma loved wearing it! Love the colors!

What a diva!

Monya and Emma hard at work.

Emma playing on the stairs...her favorite thing to do!

Melica and Emma dancing! Actually I think Emma is laughing at Melica's dancing skills!

Emma up to something. She has crazy amounts of energy these days! She just runs around in circles and laughs. What a doll!

Monya and Emma! I've got such a beautiful little princess!

Love this picture!

Once again, we had soooo much fun in Nashville! Thanks again for everything and we'll see you on Christmas!

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