Friday, December 19, 2008

Emma's ENT Appt

Yesterday we took Emma to the ENT due to all of the sinus issues she's had over the past 3-4 months. As you all know she has been on 4 different antibiotics including steriods and 3 weeks of Omnicef which didn't help at all. Then last week we started Nasonex which is a nasal steriod. So we were hoping for some answers and to get miss Emma healthy. Unfortunately, we didn't learn anything that we didn't already know except now we are going to start another medicine. We are going to continue with the Nasonex for 4 more weeks and we are going to start something for acid reflux which she took when she was younger. Then in 4 weeks we will do another cat scan or a face x-ray and see if there has been progress. If the medicine works then that is awesome, and if not she will probably have to have surgery. The surgery would consist of draining her sinuses, removal of the adenoids and possibly her tonsils. So for now we wait 4 more weeks.

Also, when we went to the pedi a few days ago due to Emma's nasty cough she said to start doing her albuterol 2x a day until yesterday. Well the ENT said we could stop that and drop her Pulmnicort down to once a day unless she started having coughing problems again. So yesterday she only had 1 dose of both and this morning she wakes up with her nasty cough again. :( I think I will give her 1 more day and see how she does but wow, when can the girl get a break!

That's it for now. Emma has been super cute and sweet recently and making mommy and daddy smile alot. Her vocabulary is quite amazing and she can read several books probably b/c she has them memorized. She can also sing her ABC's! I've been trying to get that on video but when she notices the camera she stops singing. I hope to post pics later today or tomorrow.


Meredith said...

Did your ENT consider enlarged adnoids? My son was on antibiotics for what felt like forever due to what the pediatrician thought was a sinus infection with double ear infections. Things got so bad that he would quit breathing at night.

I demanded to see an ENT and within a few weeks his adnoids were removed, and he was on reflux medicine.

There was no infection. Enlarged adnoids were the cause to the trouble breathing, and reflux caused the bad runny nose.

I hated giving Little B. antibiotics for so long, and am glad we finally got things figured out.

Good luck.

The Titsworth Family said...

Thanks for letting me know that. The dr wanted to look at her adenoids while we were there but their server went down so we couldn't pull the scan up. He's supposed to look at them by the next appt I think.