Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our NICU Visit

Yay, I finally got another picture with our favorite nurse Mrs. Sandy! Earlier this week Emma wouldn't have her pic made but with mommy in it she was ok. It was so good to see lots of our nurses and it is always so emotional for me to go visit. Just seeing all of the new moms and grandparents visiting their babies brings back so many memories. One man was wheeling his daughter in to see her new triplets! He was so proud.

When we got there they told us to come on in the doors and George and I always feel weird about taking Emma back through the NICU doors. I remember the first time we took her back I was so afraid they were going to take her back from me and keep her. :) Seriously, it was hard. Anyways, it was awesome to visit and can't wait to go back with some receiving blankets for the little ones. We love you nurses and Mrs. Sandy! One last thing, earlier this week when we were there Emma kept saying "I love you Sandy" when it was time to go. She said it 4 or 5 times and then would say "bye Sandy!" It melted Mrs. Sandy's heart. I like to believe Emma knows her from the 3 months she took care of her. :)

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