Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa's Village!

Last night we took Emma and Barbra to Santa's village in downtown Huntsville at the Alabama Constitution. There were so many people there but we still had a good time. Emma was fascinated by Frosty but once again, wanted nothing to do with Santa Claus. If you have a chance to go I highly recommend taking the kids.

Daddy and Emma in the gift shop before we left. Emma loved the Rudolph nose!

Daddy/Emma pic

Look it is 2 Frosty's!

We got to put icing on a gingerbread cookie!

Santa wouldn't let mommy sit on his knee! j/k. Emma wouldn't smile for anything last night.

Asking Emma what she wants for Christmas and then bribing her with a candy cane. She wouldn't even take the candy cane from Santa! Mommy had to get it.

Barbra, mommy, and Emma

After Santa's village we went back to mommy Tracy's house to visit. They wanted to give Emma her Christmas presents early so here is part of it. Isn't she is cute???

Barbra tickling Emma!

Oh and they also got Emma a pink shopping cart with lots of play food to go with her kitchen! I'll share pics later of that. Thank you Barbra for going with us!!

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