Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sweet Memories

As a child this table sat in my Granny Dunham's kitchen and my brother Chad and I would eat our meals there. My name is on one chair and Chad's is on the other. I can vividly picture it sitting against her kitchen wall and us climbing in the chairs and marking on the table with a pencil. This poor table and the chairs have been through alot!

My uncle John made it for us when we were very little. I imagine it is around 24 years old or close to it. So a few weeks ago I asked my Granny if we could bring it to my house for Emma to play with. As you can see in the pictures it has paint all over it now and lots of scratch marks. But to me that gives it character and lets me remember all of the fun times spent at my granny's and how sweet it was for my Uncle John to make it. I'm hoping to get a fresh new coat of paint on it soon and let Emma start using it. Here are some pics!

Thanks for reading!

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Jennifer said...

What a sweet table, I think it is beautiful just like it is. What an amazing piece of your heritage to be able to share with Emma, that is awesome!