Thursday, July 17, 2008

Home From My Tonsillectomy

Yay it is over! Well the surgery part that is. Now I have 2 full weeks of recovery with a sore throat, possible ear pain, low temperature, and other fun stuff.

The surgery wasn't bad and when I woke up my throat wasn't too sore. So far today I've had 4 popsicles! Yummy! My blood pressure was high afterwards so they gave me meds for that but it went back down. So overall a successful surgery. I did find out that I had lots of gunk on my tonsils and I had an abcess on my left tonsil that they are testing for bacteria. It will take several days to get the results back. The doctor said it was really good that I got them out and I should feel much better from now on!

I probably won't be posting much over the next several days so just bear with me until I get better. Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers!

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mom2tictacs said...

Hey Brandy, I am so glad that you are feeling good! I hope you have a swift recovery and will be back to posting soon!!