Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Week

We had a good week this week. Nothing too exciting! George had to work late a couple of nights so it was me and Emma. We also looked at a playground on Monday night that someone was selling. Well we called her that night & left a message saying we wanted it and what does she do? She sold it right out from under us on Tuesday. I was not very happy with this lady! Kind of rude to do that to someone but oh well. So no playground yet. Only a few more weeks until FLORIDA! Can you tell I'm excited? We went last May but Emma has grown so much that I'm super excited to relax and swim as much as possible. I ordered a bathing suit the other night & bought Emma some swim toys so it feels more real now. Another exciting thing is I'm hiring a cleaning lady to come in every other week & clean our house. Now that I've gone to work full time it's just so hard to get everything clean (bathrooms, dusting, mopping) and I don't want to spend all day Saturday doing it so this will be a huge help! She's a friend of a friend and seems so sweet and today she is coming over to visit. Yay! I think that's the only news I have. We are going to a graduation cookout this afternoon for our friend Ashli who is graduating nursing school. She's worked really hard for this so I'm excited to celebrate. Then tomorrow is Mother's Day! It will be my 3rd Mother's Day and I have no clue what George and Emma have planned. Well I know we are going to grill out here at home but George & Emma have bought me something so I'm eager to find out what it is.

Last week Emma received a couple of packages in the mail. One was from a mom & her son Ashton on my online momma's group. I've been a part of this group for over 3 years now so they are all like family to me. Ashton has been sick this year quite a bit so a couple of months ago Emma and I sent him a care package. Well Ashton ended up and sent Emma a thank you gift in return so she had fun opening it. Thank you so much JM & Ashton!!!

There were puzzles, CD's, and coloring/sticker books!! Braxton always has to investigate too!

And reading the letter that JM wrote. She keeps rereading this letter over and over.

Then the next day (Tuesday) Emma received a package from Betsy. Betsy makes the CUTEST stuff so I was really really excited to open it. It was a cute dress, Sweet Pea shirt, and 2 kork hairbows. As soon as Emma opened it she said "CUTE!" Thank you Betsy sooooo much! We love it all! Emma actually wore the sweet pea shirt to school for picture day on Wednesday.

Emma LOVES her new hairbows!

Then yesterday we were getting ready for school and Emma wanted to grab her purse. She threw it up on her shoulder and carried it to the car.

At her school was Muffins For Mom yesterday so we enjoyed some muffins & apple juice. Emma didn't want me to leave but I had to work. It was so fun interacting with the other kids. She really loves her school/teachers!

They made us a cute little flower and I love it! I wish Emma would've smiled in this pic!

Ok, more pics to come tomorrow! Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms and grandmothers out there!!!!

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