Monday, August 25, 2008

We Saw Dr. Mahesh Today!

I didn't realize how hard it was to take Emma to the dr until today. Now that she is so mobile she is all over the place whenever we go out in public. At the pulminologist they have a door that stays closed unless you press the red button. Well Emma had cleaned out my wallet awhile back so I had to call George about our new insurance cards. In the process of calling him I notice Emma has taken off towards the exit door. Thinking the door wouldn't open I thought we were ok until the door actually opened! Who knows how that happened but luckily I was there and caught her. Then I was updated my paperwork while Emma runs around and talking loudly and wanting to go see the little baby across the room. I was sweating by the time they called us back. She is officially a handful! :)

Now on to the visit. Dr. Mahesh and his nurses are so wonderful and it is always a treat to see them. The nurses couldn't believe how grown up Emma looked and at her huge vocabulary. They also loved her curls!

Onto her stats-her weight with all of her clothes on was 21 lbs 8 oz I believe. I don't know how she managed to put on a whole pound in 3 wks b/c the girl doesn't eat at all! But I'll take it! Her ears, nose, and chest sounded wonderful and her runny nose is due to ragweed allergies. Then we started talking about the synagis shots that Emma got last year from October-April. Technically she doesn't qualify for insurance to cover them this year and at $2,000 a shot (I think) we can't afford them. However, if I go back to work and she has to go to daycare Dr. Mahesh thinks we can get them covered. So if we go that route, say a prayer that it all works out and she gets the shots. I would feel much better.

I guess that's it for now. Tomorrow we go to Dr. Dudley for her 18 month appt. I love going to Dr. Dudley too so it'll be fun and she doesn't get any shots! I'll update after our appt tomorrow and until then, toodles. :)

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