Monday, August 11, 2008

Swim For Melissa Was A Success!

On Saturday we made the trip over to Hampton Cove for the Swim For Melissa fundraiser. Thanks to every who donated b/c this year they raised over $130,000!!! Isn't that amazing? Hopefully they will be able to purchase 3 more Omni Giraffe beds for our NICU.

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday and we got to see Ella and Silas, our 2 NICU friends. :)

Mommy and Emma

Mommy, Emma, and Jennifer (NICU Lactation Consultant)

We finally got a picture with Amy! I feel like a big bear beside her...she's so petite!

Me with my 2 favorite preemie princesses Emma Grace and Ella Grace!

Kylie and Ella

My favorite preemie prince, Silas and his mom Baraka! Silas is 1 week older than Emma and was also a 1 pounder. It was so great to see him and his sweet mommy!

Silas being a cutie!

Awesome pic!

Princesses cooling off their toes

Too cool in her shades!

Miss Blue eyes!

Daddy and his girl

Mommys and their babies

Thanks for looking and more to come!

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