Monday, August 11, 2008

It's P-O-T-T-Y Time!

In honor of Emma's 18 month mark yesterday, I decided to break down and buy a potty seat. Emma's been telling me for about 2 months now when she has to go poo-poo but hasn't started telling me about her pee pee yet. So this afternoon I sat her on it and she was so excited it was the cutest thing ever! She kept saying "potty" and "pee pee" and then asked for a book. How smart is she? I think she ended up sitting there about 20 minutes or so the first time. She didn't want to get off of it. Then I let her play outside in the water for a bit and we tried the potty again. I don't think she ever used it but she's excited about the concept of it so I was thrilled. A little while ago I was cooking dinner and next thing I know she is screaming and trying to get on the potty herself. I was in the middle of cleaning chicken so it took me a minute to get in there. She was hysterical until I put her on the potty and then she was so excited. Once again, don't think she actually did anything but it's a start. Wish us luck on our journey through potty training!

Emma can multitask...she said "cheese" while using the potty!

What a happy little girl!

We love funny faces!

Reading Twinkle Toes while doing her business...good stuff!

Thanks for looking!

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