Monday, August 4, 2008

Point Mallard Water Park!

This morning my friend Ashley and I took Emma to an awesome water park in Decatur. I can't believe I've never been before and the best part was it was only $8! They had a huge kids area that was so much fun and Emma had a blast! She is crazy about water, seriously. We spent about 2 hours there and Emma was ready for a nap & Ashli needed to study so we left around lunchtime. I can't wait to go back! Also, Emma got body slammed by some little big girl and her eye is puffy and she has a mark underneath the eye and right above it. The girl just pushed Emma's head into the ground and took off. I was not a happy mommy and Emma started screaming. Shame on that girl. :(

When we got home a few minutes ago Emma started taking care of her babies...

Putting the babies down for a nap...

Emma's black eye! Doesn't she look exhausted?

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