Thursday, February 14, 2008


We started off Vday with pancakes & eggs! Yum! Some of the pancakes were made into cupids & hearts.

Here's some random pics of Emma this afternoon.

This spoon is so filling.

This is from last night when she passed out on the floor! She was a tired girl.

Back to today!

Look at her 4 teeth!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine Day! We didn't do much around our house. George got me a Biggest Loser workout DVD & a new book. I got him a new travel coffee mug. What awesome gifts! Last night we ordered to-go food from O'Charley's and somebody (I won't mention who!) forgot the chocolate cake that mommy had waited for all day! Boy was that somebody in trouble when he got home. He ended up going back to Outback to get me one of my favorite desserts. What a great husband!

Enjoy the pictures!

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