Sunday, February 10, 2008


Lola the Ladybug Cake! Mommy & Daddy made it!

Birthday hat made by sweet Marilyn!

The Birthday Girl!
Blowing out the candle!
"Mmmm, this is great Mommy!"

The proudest parents ever & the Princess!
Granny E, Mommy, and Emma
It's present time!!

Daddy & the birthday girl!
Mommy's family
Steph, Michelle, and Mommy

Mommy & her girls!

And wonderful Aunt Beth who helped mommy sooooo much with the party! Thanks Aunt Beth!


Moe-Moe said...

What about mwa?

sad mOnya

Jamie said...

Emma-your birthday party looked like so much fun and I'm glad you had a great time! You're as cute as always and your dress is smokin'! (LOL!)

Love, Jase

Danielle said...


You are our little May Miracle, and we love you so much! You bring lots of joy to me and Griff's day, when we read about another obstacle you've overcome and your sweet pictures make us smile. We are proud of your Mommy and Daddy for taking such good care of you and keeping such wonderful attitudes during hard times. You made it, baby girl! You keep growing strong and beautiful just like you have since you were born. Happy first birthday, precious!
Danielle and Griffin

Anonymous said...

Still sad

you forgot me

: o

Grammy said...

The lei worn by Emma in that cute picture was compliments of our friend, Teresa, who had kept it from the wedding party! Thanks, Teresa, for holding on to it---and even more thanks for remembering to pull it out for Emma's birthday!!!!!