Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We're Back!

Hello fellow blog readers! I have been slacking the past week and I'm super duper sorry for no pics but I've been busy! With school, a baby that needs lots of attention, studying, being a wife, etc, it's hard to find time to post!

The biggest news is Emma finally rolled over yesterday! I tried to grab the camera for the first flip but she did it just as I realized the battery was dead...then she rolled again and the battery was charging...third time I got it! She was really mad at this point so in the video you can see what I mean. Please don't think I'm a bad mom for making her mad and not flipping her myself!

In other news I've got my first 2 test coming up. One on Saturday (should be easy) and one on Monday. My test Monday will be really hard and as much as I want to ace it, I will settle for a B. If it's lower than a B...we won't go there. :) Please wish me luck b/c I really really want to do well in these classes. I love going to class and learning and I feel like I put a decent amount of time into studying.

My youngest brother Chandler flew into Huntsville last Thursday and left Friday but I was so excited to see him! To make a long story short, he came up to take his permit test in TN but after running around all day Friday he was unable to take it. We were very bummed out, but at least we got to see him.

And finally, I need someone to kick me in the butt really hard so I will start losing weight again! Since Em's been home I've lost around 20 lbs and 15 lbs has been through weight watchers. Well the past several weeks I've stopped exercising and I don't count my points like I should and it shows. The past 2 wks I've had gains and I'm sick of it! So this week I am writing down everything I eat and my points so wish me luck on Saturday morning for the big weigh-in!

That's it for now...enjoy the pics!
Her newest trick!
I almost forgot to mention the spiderman bandaids! We ran out of the regular stickies and then the company mailed me the wrong ones so I had to make do with what we had! Cute!

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