Monday, March 3, 2008

Emma Loves Her Granny Scott & Pa!

Funny face!

Hmm, this hair taste good!

Waving with Kay

Emma & Kay are best friends!

Check out my new doll, Mom!

I love it soooo much!


Showing some love to her new babies

"I heart you baby"

Look at her new bunny slippers!

Much more fun on my hands!

Giving Granny some love!

Last Friday Granny and her life long friend/neighbor Kay came down to visit. And of course Granny brought lots of goodies! Pa got a job at Wal-Mart so he spends his shift shopping for Emma. :) Just kidding! Emma got a couple new dolls, a new barbie lamp, some bunny slippers, new sippy cup (very cool!), Cheerios (never have enough!),

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