Monday, November 5, 2007

No More Oxygen!!!

We went to the pulmonologist last Thursday, November 1st and Emma is now OFF O2! We saw Dr. Mahesh b/c Dr. Judy was on vacation. At our last visit the nurse told me that she would probably get to come off of it this month so I was kind of prepared until they told me to turn her off. I was like "huh?" And then I said "I don't know how to turn it off!" I was just so nervous/excited and we Dr. Mahesh said take the canula out we are turning it off I just wanted to start crying, but I held it together. My little princess is growing!

At the appt she weighed 12 lbs 12 oz so she is probably 13 lbs now or close to it. She got her 2nd flu shot while we were there and her RSV shot that she gets every 28 days.

Some other super exciting news...we made our appt at the same time as our best NICU friend Ella Grace, and it was so wonderful to see her and her mom & dad. I took pics but I haven't asked her mom's permission to post them on here so if she says it is ok, I will post some. Ella and Emma look so much alike and then spent part of their NICU experience living in incubators beside each other. Her mom, Kylie, delivered her at 28 wks and she had preeclampsia just like me. We also share the same OBGYN so it's kind of neat to have so much in common. Both girls came home on oxygen/apnea monitors and Ella is 14 lbs so they are close in size.

Overall last week was super busy, but full of wonderful things. In case anyone is wondering, I lost almost 4 lbs at weight watchers and I'm hoping to lose at least 2.5 this week. I'm feeling good about my weight loss and hope to lose 20 more lbs.

Time for pics!

Dr. Mahesh taking the canula off!

Emma and Dr. Mahesh

Doing what she does best...smiling! Such a happy baby.

Look mom, no oxygen!

In her cool new out people!

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