Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Our Weekend

We had a really good weekend and enjoyed our many visitors! On Friday my friend Rachel and her sister Megan came down from Sparta and saw Emma for the first time. It was nice seeing them because I don't get to very often now that we live here in Huntsville. Here's a pic of Rachel holding Emma...look how pale Em is compared to Rach! Look at her smiling at Rach!

Then on Saturday my Aunt Marsha, Jim, Monya, and Melica came down from Nashville and stayed the night. I haven't seen them since Christmas and was super excited to see them! The girls are getting so big! Monya will be in 6th grade next year and I think Melica will be in 4th grade. The girls were so good with Em...they helped me give her a bath and put lotion on her and pick out her outfits. Apparently Melica doesn't like lotion but she still put it on Em. They were so gentle with her and did great holding her! It seems like not long ago they were little! Anyways, they stayed until Sunday afternoon and we were sad to see them go! Here's a few pics...

I've also decided after almost 5 months of pumping exclusively I'm going to stop and once my freezer stash runs out I will switch to formula. Part of me is sad b/c it has been part of the routine for the past 5 months but I'm also excited to not be tied down to a pump several times a day! My supply has been really low for the past couple of months so that helped make my decision. I've got probably 2 months worth of frozen milk left so once I use it up we will use all formula. We tried some Similac Advanced last night and she did really well with it. She didn't have a problem with the taste or anything so I'll try it a few more times and if it continues to work, then we will use that brand.
Here's a few pics of us playing yesterday and a bonus shot of Lily in a bag...enjoy!

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